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    Anyone Have Rapid share Premium Acc?

    Hello, i have 35gb around rapidgator file but there is no other option to download it free...i tried a lot...if anyone have free method you can suggest me...Except (1 gb genarator). My all files are around 1.6gb So genarator link wont work. If anyone who have premium account...please help
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    Cheap Rapidshare account starting with 5eur / month

    Buy Premium Rapidshare Accounts at low price 5eur / month We accept Paypal . We only have 15 accounts left on stock, so hurry up interested . Kind regards, nemke
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    Rapidshare Farewells CAPTCHA (Image Code) And Wait Restrictions For Free Users

    After annoying free users with hard to read CAT CAPTCHA's, World's biggest one click file-hoster Rapidshare has finally done farewell to CAPTCHA altogether, Rapidshare also announced that from now free users will be able to download without any waits until starting a succeeding download, however...