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  1. iloveubanij

    Getting your video on the front page

    Hey First of all Merry Christmas BHW'ers !! The question is related to Xvideos I was reading BHW and I got a thread in which there was a trick to rank and increase your count of the video by which the video was coming on the main page of Xvidoes. I forgot to bookmark it and also not able to...
  2. B

    How to Rank at the Top of yotube

    I have a question how to to rank my single video at the top of youtube . i have no full skill of seo last day i upload this video but views count is down how to increase and rank thanks for any good advice . video link this link is not for promotion only for learning . thanks
  3. oczko98

    Question about likes and unlisted method

    Hello guys, Is it possible that likes from youlikehits can de-rank video? Is there any method to rank good your video? Because I used unlisted method some days ago, added some likes from ylh, bought some shares (100) and my video isn't even on second page .. Thanks.