raleigh boyz

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    Is craigslist /// taboo???///

    This place was full of CL tips and news...what happened????? I heard CL had spies here but I see CL is not on the menu and people here dont talk much about CL.. Recently CL lowered their settings on R&R that I know of and everyone is flagging,,,so many RR boards are gone...Is CL phasing out...
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    Do proxies still work on CL

    I hear CL blocked all proxy play... I will experiment on flagging my own post to see how strong they are and proxies would flag them last month... Now the only way to remove my post is by rebooting the modem, it takes less hits than last month. this worries me because the local trolls can flag...
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    raleigh boyz...proxy location code

    Is there any way one can look at the proxy numbers and figure where they are based, kind of like phone numbers and area codes.:prof01:
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