1. T

    Help me for this if u can

    Guys, I have a page on Instagram that has 9k of fake people for credibility, but I was able to increase my interaction, and the views in the story were up to 300 per day, but no one interacts with me to a little? These are some pictures of the character you made and the followers see them
  2. edericoski

    Is It Useful To Pinterest Pin Blog Posts?

    Hi, I have a site, I publish a blog post every 3 days. How much benefit would it be for me to pin these posts on pinterest accounts?
  3. Zablo

    So bunch of questions related to adsense

    so i have my primary google account that back in 2012 i applied for adsense then it was terminated due to an exchange thing (i was too small) so in 2016 i appealed for account recovery (lol i was trying my luck). Now well after many years i want to get back to work for my own youtube channel and...
  4. G

    Paxum question

    Hello, if I am wrong here in general social chat please move me to the correct thread, thanks :) So i would like to have a question. I would like to open a paxum account and dont know if its good or not since there are so many bad reviews on google. I have read through their Privat policy and...
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