python bot

  1. thecountingclub

    18yr old Fiverr Journey Instagram Gig's Sustainable INSTA-BOTTING [NEED ADVICE]

    Hello everyone this is my first post here I'm not sure how to start. First, let me start by greeting this community, I'm eager to experiment more and more with methods and ways to expand my income online. I'm ready to learn new skills with time and effort and I understand what it takes to be an...
  2. bishwasbh

    Unable to solve Recaptcha callbacks of deezer with 2captcha

    I am having issues with captcha callbacks. The site `` is using captcha callbacks with `___grecaptcha_cfg.clients['0']['Z']['Z']['callback']` but it's not working. I am freaked out! Actually I am trying to automate my accounts in ``. And I got the...
  3. K

    Looking for someone to build a live view bot

    I’m looking someone to build a live view bot for a chaturbate webpage. Basically, what I need is to simulate 10,000 viewers. I want to simulate two kinds of viewers, those who are anonymous and they just request the streaming without get authenticated (this represent 90% of the requests) and...
  4. B

    Need someone who knows python / telegram bots

    Hi, I have all the scripts for this telegram bot but I don't know how to host it, set it up in virtual environment. It's a Twitter forwarder bot, it forwards tweets from a Twitter account and can be used to impersonate verified Twitter accounts on Telegram. So it can be quite handy and you're...
  5. Destt

    Need Python programmer - create FB registering software [up to 1000$]

    Hello guys, Looking for a Python programmer that is able to make a Registering software for Facebook. Details: - Done via Python requests, not Selenium - Simple POST requests to register an account, as I tried (unsuccessfully), only about 4 POST requests are needed. - I can provide more details...
  6. vigyavan

    Looking for SAAS and python expert

    I have one python script which needs new functionality and after then it needs to be converted into a SAAS. Come only if you have work experience with similar projects.
  7. Jack C


    Hey BHW! I am an upcoming python developer looking for a challenge. Are you tired of a repetitive task you do daily? Worry no more. I will create a python script or windows .exe file for ten requested jobs. Such jobs include but not limited to watermarking files, encrypting a PDF file, web...
  8. P

    Selenium error

    Hi, I´m trying to run Instapy on pythonanyware, but I always have this issue: It seems the problem is the selenium version, but I don´t know which version I should to install. Could you please help me to fix it? Thanks a lot in advanced!!
  9. NETSS

    Python practice

    Hi, I just learned python and did some scrips for my personal use , of course nothing too complex, still , im lacking of imaginations so I now want to do some projects that will help me learn and practice python further. Any projects that are good for beginners? or even if you have something...
  10. E

    Seeking Script / Bot Creator for multiple projects

    Hey, We are a team that needs a bot and/or script guy to help us out over the course of time. We always have projects and come across clients that need projects done as well. Our current projects that we need completed are: A bot to post Craigslist ads nationwide in the US - this can be...
  11. T

    Wanted: Script to screen scrape HTML/JSON data from webpage

    Looking for a skilled programmer that can screen scrape HTML/JSON data from a webpage. Need the data stored in a spreadsheet/database and to be updated every X hours. Will pay $$$.
  12. M

    Need some help: botting

    Hello guys I'm new here and I'm looking for someone to help me ;) I hope I'm posting in the right section. So I read alot about botting on this forum and that's why I'm asking this question here. Currently I'm working on a project to bot a game. I'm doing this with PyAutoGUI. The goal is to run...