1. seosid

    BUYUSANUMBER - Real USA Mobile Numbers for all verifications - Works with all websites Guaranteed

    Our number works with all the verification websites and we are offering 100% guarantee, incase we are not able to deliver you the number or if our numbers don't work we do offer you refund, but you are not allowed to abuse them in any illegal way. For any further question feel free to contact us...
  2. Makemeproguys

    Impossible to create any new Facebook accounts!

    You read it right,now you guys can't create anymore Facebook accounts without verifying it with mobile or email! So sad mailnator also doesn't work! Anyone know solutions? This is really frustrating lol,i was creating new account and it needs OTP verification from either mobile or email to...
  3. guru247

    Please help, facebook PVAs blocked..

    Hello, good day everyone, I bought some facebook PVAs with proxies from proxymillion and after I Loaded them to massplanner they got blocked within 3 hours, asking for Identity confirmation. Please who has experience this before, Help me. thank you.
  4. gustocams

    Instagram PVAs - reverification question

    Hey Everyone, I have a question/doubt in my mind for which I haven't found the answer and I would appreciate if someone could answer it. Let's say I buy phone verified IG accounts or I create accounts myself and use a phone verification service for verifying them. It may happen that IG asks...
  5. F


    Hello, I am new to this forum but freelancing since 5 years. I am expert in facebook pvas and non pvas as well as gmail youtube pvAS CREATION. I am looking to introduce you here. Just it. Thanks
  6. CraigNewmark

    My Website

    Ok, so phone verification did not work out as expected and geo targeting, well, yeah... So I am going to require a stool sample from now on if you wish to post ads.

    Pva provider jv

    I am in need of a fb pva provider. His earning will depend on how many live fb pva accts he has up everyday. If he has 500 pvas up he will recieve 50$ a day paid out weekly after the first week he can be paid daily. THE MORE LIVE PVAS W HAVE IN OUR SYSTEM THE MORE THE PROVIDER WILL MAKE...
  8. J

    Looking To Buy PVA's

    Hi Fellas, I'm looking to buy like 2 AC PVA's. I've already PMed a seller concerning this BUT I'm yet to receive any reply. Looking forward to your PM's. Jabe
  9. S

    Phone-verified AC Accounts

    Hey guys! I know a method of verifying an AC account through phone. I have test run 7 AC accounts and voila! all accounts got verified! So i'm planning to offer phone-verified AC account service to the BHW community. I just want some info from you guys on how much would I offer per account...
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