1. Lady Trieu

    Purpose of your birth!

    What purpose do you think you were born to do?:smirk:
  2. R

    Providing answers to the most Importatnt questions in Life

    BHW has been good,took me some time before making money online this thread is still a make money thread but via the most important area of an individuals life ::::::::The Purpose For Having The Life You Leave:::::::: At lot of BHW members are wanting in this area i am here to help you find a...
  3. ShiningWarrior

    Do you imagine yourself in situations that ain't gonna happen?

    Hi, as you all know I didn't have a very good and amazing childhood and I struggled with bullies as well: (A Bit Long Read...) SCHOOL LIFE When I went to school in my school bus, a couple of classmates used to gang up and bully me. It was continued for 2-2.5 years until I started taking public...
  4. Heiko

    [GUIDE] How to discover your real purpose in Life and do what you love!

    As i am reaching 1000 posts on BlackHatWorld i decided to do another thread that might benefit a lot of people. Don't get me wrong, making money is good and fantastic. But you will never be happy and free when you don't do what you love to do. I am not talking about IG and OgAds or some other...
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