1. R

    Google News Approved website

    Hey guys I want to buy 3 google news approved websites in the education niche and the country must be India. For more information just ping me with all details and price...
  2. Historyonfire

    Amazon Purchasing Bot + Amazon Account Creator

    Hello, I am looking to have someone create a bot on Amazon. First, I'll need thousands of Amazon accounts, so a program that can create Amazon accounts would be the starting point. After that, I need a bot that can log into Amazon, navigate to a given link, and purchase the product from that...
  3. M

    Looking out for someone who can buy music on Bandcamp

    Hi there I am looking out for someone who has UK ,Sweden , Finland or USA VCC to purchase track from Bandcamp or Itunes? We would need like 300 purchases to being with. The price of the track is 69 cents but we will give you $1 for each purchase, So you will make 31 cents from each purchase. If...
  4. F

    I want to purchase infoproducts with the proper license to resell them

    Hi community, I am not a producer of infoproducts but I want to sell my own infoproducts For that I want to purchase licences of infoproducts so I can do this business but I dont know where I can purchase this licences? Any help will be appreciated. Best regards
  5. H

    Verified and Unlimited Betfair, PaddyPower and Bet365 accounts wanted.

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and looking for Sportsbook accounts on Betfair, Paddy or 365. Possibly even William Hill and SkyBet too. They must be verified and not have limited stakes. Does anyone know the best way of buying these and the correct route to take so I don't get scammed? Also what is...
  6. sabujdc

    Looking For US Pruchase

    Hello, I need the US ip purchase of book on 3 websites. Book price is .99cents. I will Give you 2.50$ Interested people PM me or add me hangout : geodhakacollege
  7. B

    Looking for an autobuying program

    Looking to buy a program that will autobuy items from a shop, these items have not been released yet. The site is usually strict about bots and cancels duplicate orders, but I'm looking to only buy one of each item for myself. Can anyone help with this? Looking for something like the Tai Ding bot.
  8. ahmedEL

    facebook ads compaign objective for clickbank offers

    what is the compaign objective that you choose to promote clickbank offers do you use conversions or traffic ??
  9. graySEO

    Buying Expired domains

    Please i need a reliable contact who i can buy expired domain of trustflow over 30. thanks. Niche related
  10. M

    Looking to find someone to purchase or trade reviews using Yelp, Facebook, and Google

    I have been having a competitor (I'm not sure who) post fake reviews about our company, Facebook, Yelp, and Google are unwilling to help stop this behavior. I'm only looking to counter the negative actions back to our normal review system, however, this has been ongoing and might need to be...
  11. kurosaki4d

    How can you detect fraud payments/purchases with Stripe ?

    Hi, I'm about to apply for the Stripe Atlas program to create an LLC in order to start using their gateway payment. However, i just found out about their refunds policy, if you get too much refunds requests your account will be closed permenantly. I was wondering if there is realy a way to...
  12. A

    Need Purchases of My Novel to Drive Up Amazon Ranking

    Trying to boost the Amazon sales ranking. Need about 5-10 purchases done in a specific amount of time. Look for Together in Secrecy by Ary Chest on amazon. Once you make the purchase and send a pic of the receipt to me, [email protected], I can cover the cost, plus a little extra. You can...
  13. B

    Purchasing bot

    Hello, this is my first post. I'm looking for someone that could help me with getting a purchasing bot. Most people use these for shoes or tickets but I need it for something different. As of right now I only need it to scrape one website and I'm not looking for multiple purchases. I need...
  14. MicroBit-OMS

    Amazon latest Algorithm update and previous SEO methods.

    Hi Amazon Sellers, Everything changed about Amazon product/keyword ranking after lasted Algorithm Update. We all know that this massive update happened during April - October 2017, this updating process may be still continuing. Undoubtedly this last update is strongest “known as Amazon A10” and...
  15. Dexter Kohli

    Domain Name Purchase Tips

    While purchasing a domain name, if my keyword is say, Marketing, now, marketing-usa.com would be better or marketingusa.com would be better? Also, should I use www for a new domain? Or use the domain without www?
  16. Ecodor

    Recomendations About Antivirus To Purchase

    Please give me your best on anti-viruses for PC i would like to purchase one to deep scan my PC from shits... :p since today is black friday the most of them are giving good price
  17. Carlos TV

    Should I get this "Secret Sauce: A step-by-step guide to growth hacking"?

    Has anyone read it? http://www.appsumo.com/secretsauce/?rf=brws ? Is it worth buying it? Did anyone download a copy that could be freely shared? ;)
  18. zneve08

    Amazon Product Purchase - Pays $5 + Product

    Looking for simple purchase, no review, need prime account and USA You have to be willing to: 1. search a keyword I tell you to search 2. find our product using that exact term 3. purchase the product done. It pays product cost + $5 paypal , let me know if you're interested. I need it done...
  19. I

    Want to purchase and Amazon Merch account

    Hi folks, I would like to purchase and take over an Amazon Merch account. If anyone is interested in selling one please let me know. You can pm me here or reply in the thread with your skype id. Cheers Al
  20. Sartanion

    Best Amazon Affiliate payment method?

    Hello, amazon associate website center allows only 3 types of payments - giftcards, payment to U.S bank and check. Since I am not from US and in my country almost no bank accepts checks, I'll have to go with gift cards, right? .. Thus, here is my question - can I use for expample ten 10$...