pump and dump

  1. xerx

    Making Money With Crypto Pump and Dump/Signal groups.

    Does anyone have experience with this? The idea is good but immoral, I would say. Also, you can lose everything if you become too greedy. It is not illegal on unregulated exchanges, but it is illegal on regulated exchanges such as Binance but not on Kucoin. What do you think and have you made...
  2. Polyphemus

    [JOURNEY] $10,000 / month with Pump & Dump Crypto Signals

    With this journey being posted, I finally turn from a regularly on-site lurker to a full-fledged BHW member. Over the last couple of months, I've carefully developed a plan/concept on how to (hopefully) make money in the crypto space. Now I want to take you with me on my expedition - effectively...
  3. A

    Pump Group is it legal?

    I was thinking about creating a group to pump some coins, I know how hard it is, but my question is can it bring me legal problems? Im not talking about ponzi scams, just a group of people who will buy and also promote a coin in the social networks.