publisher monetization

  1. Nw_Work

    Any ad revenue fetish people here?

    Is there any cost per impression and cpc both payout ad networks for websites? Seems Adsense gives only cpc based payments anything u know that pays for both??
  2. instantdigger

    What is the best & easy to negotiate with Google Certified Publishing Partner?

    I am scaling several websites and I am not sure that I am maximizing revenue just using Adsense. I've seen the Monetizemore AdX program, but I have also heard about Ezoic and Mediavine. Is there any difference between them? Is it a good idea to apply to all or choose a specific one? Anf if so...
  3. Xaliu

    Got Approved on

    I recently got Approved on on my News site. Being the first time on I have like 500 - 700 daily traffic. I'm a bit confused on some things. Like how to optimize ad codes in my site. Increase earnings. Advertising platforms to boost traffic. I'm open to any suggestions...
  4. FostexKiller

    Has anyone switched to Ezoic from AdSense recently? Thinking of making the jump

    Ezoic have been cold outreaching to me on a couple of sites the past few months, and it looks promising. I've seen a few articles about them starting to appear, but they have an affiliate program, so I'm not overly convinced (See Spencer + NichePursuits...
  5. F

    good advertising company for my new website

    Hi, i want to become a publisher at a good not scam advertising company i need non adult video and pay per click ads, it is better to be high paying for ads my website is new and have a round 30 visitors per day . i do not want pay per view companies as they will not pay well . please recommend...
  6. alienbaba

    Popunders popping up on mobile..

    So I've been testing a site I plan to run traffic to, but the popads popunders are actually popping up on mobile. Tested both iOS and android.. I don't have pop ups or tab ups enabled on my dashboard, so not sure why it's popping up and not under as it always pops under on desktop.. Anyone...
  7. alexj9

    video intelligence SSP - does it deliver?

    Hi, Heard about this new native player from video intelligence, called "vi stories". They say that it offers video ads that match website content, providing better user engagement. I would like to know some opinions on this before giving them a try. Thanks