1. Danishazizi

    Jailbreaking Ps3 4.76!

    Hi, I have been trying to jailbreak ps3 4.76 software version. I found a lot of sites with the jailbreak file but all of them are password protected. I also completed the surveys many times for getting the password but the passwords are wrong there. So does someone know any site from where i can...
  2. T

    HOW TO: Buy Used Video Games and Systems For The Same price As GAME STOP!

    1: Simply stand infront your local game stop or even inside if you just don't give a sh*t. 2: Look for people carrying something or just ask every customer who walks in. This method got me a slim xbox 360 with a controller for 60 or 70 usd and works perfect.
  3. D

    looking for good suppliers/dropshippers for beats by dre etc

    I need a good supplier for beats by dre headphones (studio or detox models), as well as iphone 4, ps3, and Jordans. My prefered method of payment is PayPal.
  4. R

    XBOX 360 & PS3 New Release Games - Wholesale

    Short and sweet: I have nice although limited access to the upcoming fall game releases for XBOX360 and PS3. Selling on a small wholesale level with a price that is unbeatable if you are a reseller. Games are authentic U.S. releases only and I am only interested in shipping within the...
  5. pokerjk

    [Call of Duty MW3] Gamer Tags and Team PS3

    So Call of Duty MW3 came out today. I know there are a few gamers on here so I thought it would be cool to have a thread to share our gamer tags for the PS3. If there are a good few of us we could do some team play. Team tag [BHW] So if you have Call of Duty MW3 post your gamer tag and I will...
  6. built2blast

    DC Universe Free on the PSN!

    I have never tried the game but really wanted to, They just made the game downloadable, 14 gig update. Add xBUILT_2_BLASTx if you have a ps3.
  7. M

    Wholesale Video Games/ Movies New Sealed WII PS3 XBOX

    Do you want to sell video games but can't find the inventory you need or were to get them? Brand New Factory Sealed Latest Games/ Blu Ray movies Sometimes weeks before there even out I will Only be dealing with serious wholesalers/resellers all others will be ignored, my inventory changes...
  8. R

    Free stuff (PS3,WII,XBOX) Guide

    Hii! Ever heard about **************.com? Its an upcoming new website which has his promotion right now. ************** is an site where you earn points and redeem them for stuff NO SURVEYS! You just have to log in and answer 1 daily question. ************** is financed by sponsors and soon...
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