proxy rotator

  1. Andrew696

    Scrapy and proxies: expert needed to find bottleneck/s

    I need help to find the bottleneck and fine tuning my scrapy/python based scraper. Im scraping products from Amazon (Italy at the moment) but struggling with overall requests throughput. Using backconnect rotating proxies: StormProxies (50 threads plan) + Proxyrotator (100 threads) + TOR but...
  2. E

    PROXY Rotator for Overseas traffic conversion to my US URL

    I know there's a million threads on Proxy rotators, but they all seem to be for browsing on their own computers to avoid getting banned from a site or issue which I have not seen addressed in laymans terms is...... I need a proxy rotator only for my website's traffic. Nothing...
  3. royal2b

    rotating proxies ?

    Was wondering how to rotate proxies or what tool to use to do so on my vps to create multiple accounts for a site. A tool that makes it easy to load them in and rotate ? thanks