proxy banned

  1. J

    Multiple FB Profiles, 1 Computer - Rotating Residential Proxy vs 4G??

    Hi everyone! I want to use multiple FB profiles on 1 computer, and along with multilogin, I am deciding between either using a private rotating residential proxy, and the 4G from my phone. I actually would love to use a static private residential proxy, but sadly I can't find a provider that...
  2. Ghosa

    Child account disabled. Proxy dead or still usable?

    one of my Fanpage accounts got disabled 2 days after warming up. No my question is, can I use the proxy for another account or is this proxy dead by now? Any hint is highly appreciated. Disabled means gone forever, right? Is it worth to try to get it back? I assume it’s not
  3. Buzzika

    [TIP] Scrapebox + Google Banned Proxies + Google API

    Hello, I am sure a lot of people already know this. I did not. I usually don't scrape much, but recently I had to scrape tons of keywords for one of my projects. I started out with ~30 private proxies and pretty soon all of them were banned on Google. I was running just one thread and 19...
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