proxies for instagram

  1. jameslarkin

    how to manage 5x insta on a pc

    how to manage 5x insta on a pc What do i need to stay logged into 5x instagram accounts, and at the same using a proxie on each account ? Im considering using istantproxies for proxies I have seen software that will allow you to log into multiple websites using different tabs with each tab...
  2. rodmarb2b

    Proxies for create and manage accounts

    Hi, I would like to create and manage this with one proxy: 2-3 Instagram accounts. 2-3 Twitter accounts. 2-3 Facebook accounts. 2-3 Google accounts. 2-3 YouTube accounts. 2-3 Pinterest accounts. 2-3 Paypal accounts. 2-3 Bank accounts. The PayPal and bank accounts are only for 3 IPs the rest of...