1. crissdinesh

    Can someone explain whether Cloudflare automatically blocks threats?

    Hi All, I just set up Cloudflare CDN 3 days ago. In the analytics tab, I see something called Attacks blocked. I didn't set any Firefall rules which is why I'm surprised to see these stats for the domain. Could someone explain this? I do see that fake or bot traffic is greatly reduced on my...
  2. RoyalOffshore

    [GUIDE] Extension #7 To My Money Making Guide: ♛Securing your Wordpress Website!♛ [PLUGINS]

    ♛ This post is a 7th extension of my Money Making Guide... surely not the last! ;) You should read these first to be able to understand what's this about ♛ ♛ MOVIESITE GUIDE ♛ How To Build And Earn Money With Movie/Trailer Site And Publicly Available Videos [GUIDE] Extension #1 To My Money...
  3. TheSoloAct

    The Google search history of a content writer

    A normal person can be profiled based on his or her Google search. But a content writer (and possibly many other professionals) have a need to research extensively on completely unrelated subjects in a short span of time. Just imagine the nightmare for Google or those spies! This is a thought I...
  4. KJREDDY247@

    How to find if there is a crypto mining going on your Browser?

    How to find if there is a crypto mining going on your Browser? Is there any tool to detect and remove it easily. ? I did check with my chrome task manager and regular task manager? nothing suspicious? other than that what do we need to check, to know exactly if something running behind in your...
  5. DigitalAnt

    How do your protect your videos online like your online classes or something.

    So we have a small group of teachers trying to produce videos and post them in wordpress site. New to this video content so did some research and got fv player showing user ip & username and some method in their blog to encrypt the video in AWS. So this method will be suitable to protect...
  6. EternalFun

    How to PROPERLY SECURE my laptop and ext hdds?

    Hi, breakins happen where I live so want to take extra precaution when I go out of my home without taking my laptop and external hdds. How do I make sure that if someone breaks in, they cannot use my laptop? I bet log on screen password is not the best in this case. I mean those can be passed...
  7. GrandScraperG

    I can bypass distil-network anti scraper - What's next?

    Hi Guys! I am a security researcher that currently have a solution to bypass all any scraping protection made by distil. ticketmaster Skyscanner edreams finnair lufthansa whitepages ticketmaster similarweb Skyscanner AND MUCH MUCH MUCH more sites (thousands in numbers) It's a worldwide...
  8. DulalKisku

    Get me a DRM encryption/ Copy protection software.

    I want user to download my videos from my site, but they won't be able share these. Encrypted video must be supported on common video player. Can you do this?
  9. K

    Like Button problem

    Hi, is there new protection on Like Button? If I put any page to Like button configurator and hit the like button there is immediately confirmation. Is it only me?
  10. M

    Avoiding VeRO and forbidden policies - VeROProof protection

    Hi everyone! I had a lot to think about while my eBay store has been suspended for 1 month due to VeROs strikes, I felt my business was not stable enough and so I had to find a solution. Working with top of the line sellers and programmers, we came with VeROProof, a tool to help eBay...
  11. N

    FREE Computer Basics and Protection Course

    Hey everyone. Thanks for the add. If you'd like a FREE Computer Basics & Protection Course with lifetime access for you or a friend feel free to sign up. Limited. Only 200 passes available. #BetaPhase Link: Code: FREESKILLS
  12. S

    Reverse engineering a hack

    Does anyone have the skillset to reverse engineer a hacked site, in order to determine who hacked the site. The situation is that a wordpress website was hacked via the pluggin gravity forms. We have a backup copy of the site at the time.