1. D

    How much do you pay for proofreading?

    How much do you pay for proofreading? And is it on per word basis or per hr?
  2. SirLouen

    Looking for English proofreaders

    I'm looking for native English proofreaders. Please send me via PM your price per block of 1K words. Also explain to me why you think you will be a good proofreader (any studies or whatever you have done). I will be doing a 1K word test to check your abilities.
  3. C

    Native English proofreader needed

    I need a native English speaker who is good at editing to review and proofread 12,000+ word content, track changes. I am a budget so give me a good quote
  4. R

    Looking for Proofreader

    Looking for Proofreader. need native english speaker.I have few contents to proofread.
  5. S

    Any Money in Proofreading?

    I'm a writer who specializes in custom SEO content and sales copy. I'm usually pretty busy with writing so I was trying to think of a slightly less intensive method of making money with writing when I want to relax a little. Then it hit me, there are tons of writers around the IM world but not...
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