programming tips

  1. Y

    c programming using stack

    hey guys i want to create a c program to read a sentence and reverse it using stack but its kinda hard i dont know how to read or print a stack if anyone can help thanks
  2. foglaspo

    Affiliate management platform question

    Hello bhw, I have created an ecommerce site which is working fine. However I'd like it to have its own affiliate management system. The website has a button saying "become an affiliate" when that button is pressed we should go into a page to enter the person's data (name, birthday, etc) after...
  3. K

    How can I start programming my own bots??

    Hello everyone !! I have gained some experience in programming and I was asking if there is anyone with resources or suggestions I can use to start coding my own bots.
  4. dennsen

    Node.js or Python for scraping?

    I am currently learning HTML & CSS and then I‘ll learn Javascript. I want to built a Website that is going to use the jpg‘s from a website for my own. I am asking myself if I should learn Node.js or Python. I think Python is more powerful, but if I would use Node.js I would only need to know...
  5. slager889

    Intro to programming

    Hi everyone, I've worked as a freelance writer for over a decade. Then I started playing with Amazon affiliate sites cause I wasn't happy with my financial status. I've made over 15k doing that, while being somewhat lazy about the whole thing, so I already know there's money there. My plan is...