programming languages

  1. Negi Ji

    Feeling distraction in learning languages, What to do?

    Hello guys, Really need your suggestion here as i want to learn front end programming languages but feeling kind of distracted or lazy while learning this. Should i go for online or offline course as i am facing difficulties in learning languessg by myself, will this solve the issues or i will...
  2. Caramelman7

    Resources which will help you to lean Python (FREE )

    These resources are for everyone,if you are a beginner , pro or whatever your level is these are for all levels so don't worry. I'm trying to learn python and i made a thread about how to start leaning python and resources and most of you guys said Udemy and Youtube are 2 good options and some...
  3. Caramelman7

    Where can I learn everything about python for free ?

    I want to try learning python. Is it a good idea ? What do you guys think ? If it is , can anyone of you recommend me some places where you learnt or you think it's good to learn python If it's udemy courses it's okay too, you tube videos , articles whatever it is I just want to self tutor...
  4. B17zr

    Best programming language to learn in 2021 ?

    Hi' all I decided that i want to learn a programming language and i've been searching these couple of days about what language is BEST for a beginner to start with in the programming world, and i came across to some that may interest me: Python, PHP, Javascript or JAVA But, I'm yet to be...
  5. MgicalaEarner

    What's Your Favorite Programming Language And Why?

    So My Favorite Programming Language Is Python Because its really fun to code And Love To Do All Task Auto . I Also Know Java, And Php Thx
  6. Omoruyiik

    [CODING] How can I enable an html button after some Seconds?

    I want to enable a button to become clickable on a page after a 5 seconds with code. I'm currently putting up a landing page and I only want to enable a button to be clickable after 5 seconds. How can I do this? Note: I only understand basic Html as of now, kindly be a bit Explanatory. Thanks
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