1. B17zr

    [USEFUL SITE] To Test Programmes and Malicious Files

    Hi All I was looking for a Youtube cracked version of a programme, when i stumbledd into this website that let you upload a cracked version of any programme that you MAY see has viruses or malicious files, and don't want those viruses to catch on your PC without using a VPS, or RDP Also it...
  2. Nio

    i want to set up membership site like

    Pls if you can help me set up site like I will appreciate it. Please any one with good experience?
  3. harrypot

    Affiliate programme question

    Hi guys, I am new here and search for help and possible answer to my question. I was investigating this problem but did not find a solution. So, the question is the following: has anybody met an affiliate programme of a software development company? Here we are speaking about PPL system. I...
  4. E
  5. M

    Uk affialtes car insurance, health etc

  6. V

    YouTube Partner Programme in Europe?

    Hi! I've got a question about YouTube Partner Programme. I read in section "Criteria for partnership" that one of few conditions is "You live in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Germany, France or Brazil." and I'm asking what that exactly means? Why only...
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