1. Nordine7

    Help In python Exercice

    Hello guys i start learnining python in coursera "introduction to python programin" university of Pennsylvania and i have a probleme in the last homework of the course i cant solve it, please if can someone that will help me solve this homework please. thanks in advance
  2. JohnDontheman

    Need someone to develop me a voice changer app for windows

    Need someone to develop me a voice changer app for windows
  3. Salman Khatri

    How to load local kml file into html google map page with using javascript

    Hi guys. I have problem , in google earth i have draw polygon with different different areas. and save this information in kml file and export kml file from google earth now I need to show that kml file to my website where I use google map page with using javascript everything map is loading...
  4. mohamedabdo

    loooking for programming expert

    I looking to programming expert and honest to create some automation ideas with Facebook and Linkedin and google maps please if any person can guide and help me to the website have good developers and honests no upwork not good or fiver not good also IF any programmer here is an expert no money...
  5. graves316v1

    I need an iqoption bot using mt4

    I need an iqoption bot using mt4 only qualified coder contact me
  6. G

    Is there a way to currently make money online

    I'm a fullstack programmer and developer. I know there are alot of ads marketing, but starting from root without trick gonna strew your life. So I am curious to know if there is a way to currently earn money online inside or outside programming/development?
  7. ApexTemple

    [JOURNEY] Collecting Startup Ideas

    Currently I'm developing an AirBnb like website/app for wine. I'm looking forward to explore more ideas. I've manged to collect a few ideas that I'll list in the following, but I'm curious what other people have in mind. My current programming capabilities are ruby on rails, python, react...
  8. Thesolo

    !$!$! Looking for developer !$!$!

    WANTED - outside the box developer. needs to master PHP, HTML, NODEjs, DOTNET, WP our daily job includes- setting up cloaking, building web pages + design, integrating with different servers, knowledge in marketing is a big benefit, tracking & integration expert will be prioritized. we...
  9. sweetasian

    Need a good experienced coder

    Can someone direct me to any experienced coders on here? Been looking for months and I have tried all the known coders I know of on BHW and none of them seem to have enough experience to do a simple program I need. They say they have developing teams but the experience just isn’t there. Any help...