1. graves316v1

    I need an iqoption bot using mt4

    I need an iqoption bot using mt4 only qualified coder contact me
  2. G

    Is there a way to currently make money online

    I'm a fullstack programmer and developer. I know there are alot of ads marketing, but starting from root without trick gonna strew your life. So I am curious to know if there is a way to currently earn money online inside or outside programming/development?
  3. ApexTemple

    [JOURNEY] Collecting Startup Ideas

    Currently I'm developing an AirBnb like website/app for wine. I'm looking forward to explore more ideas. I've manged to collect a few ideas that I'll list in the following, but I'm curious what other people have in mind. My current programming capabilities are ruby on rails, python, react...
  4. Thesolo

    !$!$! Looking for developer !$!$!

    WANTED - outside the box developer. needs to master PHP, HTML, NODEjs, DOTNET, WP our daily job includes- setting up cloaking, building web pages + design, integrating with different servers, knowledge in marketing is a big benefit, tracking & integration expert will be prioritized. we...
  5. sweetasian

    Need a good experienced coder

    Can someone direct me to any experienced coders on here? Been looking for months and I have tried all the known coders I know of on BHW and none of them seem to have enough experience to do a simple program I need. They say they have developing teams but the experience just isn’t there. Any help...