1. R

    How to make money with bots

    Hello, I'm am a self taught programmer and recently I found a method of making bot for gmail, facebook, twitter, reddit and possibly many other site I recent create this method so I am still exploring its possibly so I was wondering how I could use these bots to make money? I was think about...
  2. W

    Need High quality app developer

    need a p2p lending app made. please PM me.
  3. kpenshoppe

    Hire a Freelancer who knows how to create a WAPSITE

    A wap community script with many advanced features including, forums, chatrooms, polls, blogs, chat bots, plusses system, smilies, wap games, download system, user files, user sites, user clubs including their own chatroom and forum. Please send me an email but I have to be honest I can only pay...
  4. sweetasian

    No experienced coders here?

    Can someone direct me to any experienced coders on here? I have tried all the known coders I know of on BHW and none of them seem to have enough experience to do a simple program I need. They say they have developing teams but the experience just isn’t there. Any help finding a coder with...