1. P


    Hii Please Can Anyone Help With How To Setup SOCKS5 on PC windows 11 and Route All Trafic in PC Apps Through Proxy
  2. cemsid

    Reduce the impact of third-party code. Help me please

    Hi. I want to optimize google ads. I get this error. asking money to repair this error. Unfortunately I have no money. I also did a lot of research on the internet. I found some codes. Code: I added this code to the foother section in the jannah theme. did not...
  3. A


    I Need a Twilio API sms sender developed for me. Basically twilio only allows you to send one message at a time. I need a script made preferably .exe or PHP that allows me to send bulk sms. If you think you can develop this for me message me!
  4. excaflowne

    Give me idea sites to scrape to make tons of money guys.. have confident in tools

    As titled, I'm confident to scrape and automate any webpages (well, probably to almost 90%), including user automation (have tried with auto-apply linked in, auto seach profile and, send invitation message, marketplaces scraping, and blogspot autopost) with my custom technique to avoid bot...
  5. L

    which language should I use to program an app (game)

    Hello! I'am a mediocre programmer, only familiar with Java. I want to program one of those "easy" interactive puzzle games. My question is what is the best and easiest language/platform to use? and any tips and tricks that i might need in the future. best regards!
  6. RichieEmeke

    I need Programmer to Adjust Time Based Event.

    I need a programmer who can adjust computer/system time to review future event already created but only works with time... If I Normally change computer clock or date, event will jump to further notice while skipping or totally eliminating the event of the forwarded time... Blackhat only.
  7. M

    Spotify Bot

    Hi, Can anyone explain to me how to create a spotify bot to increase streams? I have 50 spotify free accounts that should loop every 30 seconds changing proxies, does anyone know how to do it? Thanks.
  8. Dhilariousdandy

    I need a suggestion on what programming language i can start as a newbie

    Hello mates, I want to go into programming but I'm quite confused on the language to start with. I have basic knowledge of HTML and a very little basic knowledge of PHP. However, my aim is to build and develop softwares and apps. Your suggestions would be highly appreciated
  9. ankysingh

    Any iOS Dev here ? If yes, let's connect.

    Hello fellow BHW's, I am an iOS Developer. I am just curious to know is there any other iOS Dev on BHW. Please reply here if you are iOS Dev. Thanks
  10. LearnerBoy

    [Budget $500 or more] Looking for someone Who can make me a unlimited Id creator

    Looking for a right person who can build a software for creating unlimited id from limited id creator mobile apps. For details PM me.
  11. S

    Smart routing

    Hello everybody, Sorry for my english language. I have one web site dedicated to currency exchange smart orderbook routing. This tool is in the alfa-beta-gama version :) And I need your help. I'm web developer and I know a little bit about crypto currencies. This tool can calculate how much you...
  12. Powefull Army

    Please Solve For Help Me

    the red mark on this skin shot's post is a link, my question is, that the post is posted on the site where no link can be posted, and he is linking it to some writing, this process is the programming What does it say in the language,And how can it be done?