1. 2

    Best alternative to in the U.S.?

    My account just got suspended because of a small mistake I made, and I want to find something similar. The other options I’ve found have higher fees, are prepaid cards (which I want to avoid, if possible), or both. I’m not looking to do ads or any blackhat activity, I just want someing similar...
  2. E

    Alternatives To (to pay fb ads)

    Hey all! I'm looking for alternatives to for virtual credit cards to use for Facebook ads payments. Privacy's system would be ideal. I do have access to it. I'm communicating with support on a few things, but they've been unresponsive for almost a week now via email, and Twitter just...
  3. D

    Getting Account

    Hello there I am over 18 and would like to create a account. Requirements: "We are currently available to US citizens or permanent residents who are 18 and older who are the account holders of a US checking account." Though I am not a US citizen and I don't own a US checking...
  4. Rana_Sid

    earn good amount of money

    i need account.I will pay good amount of money.
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