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  1. M

    Content writer needed (rate within $2per 500w)

    Hello members, I need articles| content| Review articles & Press Releases for my business and website . My rate is $2 / 500words. If you can do it then contact me. I will not accept anyone whose rate is above this. Beat rate & quality will be selected .
  2. boggsfx

    Looking for Crypto PR service / shilling service / any crypto marketing service

    Hi guys, I’m here because I’m looking for some crypto marketing solutions. I’m not shilling for a shit coin here. I run a crypto newsletter with a cool little twist on it that we can get into if you can help me. Working with a budget of $800 right now. Any advice or information is incredibly...
  3. 4

    Looking for PR expert guaranteed listings multiple sites for crypto token. 5K budget JR VIPS only.

    Looking for a JR VIP with good reaction score/ reputation who can get us guaranteed listings PR about our own crypto token on sites like, hackernoon, techbullion and more. So multiple sites PR. Please send examples/ proof of the previous crypto projects that you have listed...
  4. 4

    Looking for awesome Press Release/ (long term business)

    I'm looking for some one who can get me a link and/ or article on the following sites. I have several clients that want a link and/ or article on those sites. But since I'm looking for a long-term business the prices need to be fair. Budget is...
  5. Nw_Work

    Press release service provider recommendations under $36 per PR

    Hi I am looking for a PRS provider who can provide distribution to 250+ news sites inclusive of Google News, ABC, NBC, FOX, Digital Journal and the rest. It would be an advantage if your service also provides free press release writing along with distribution at the same price. Looking for the...
  6. imrootx

    Looking for Someone for Press Release

    Hi, I want to do press release of an public figure. if you know someone doing it here on bhw, please tag them or message me.
  7. Gr00t007

    Need a Press Release Written Urgently

    Hi, I'll be needing a press release for a company. The thing is it's urgent and will be needed within 5-6 hours. The company is in the tech service niche. Words: Max 500.
  8. Jafar_jaffy

    Press Release Inquiries

    Hello, I am looking for online and print magazines for press releasing about advertising and marketing firm. Please contact.
  9. G

    Need Crypto Currency Experienced Content Writer

    Hi BHW!!! I'm looking for a good experienced content writer on the crypto niche. I have multiple requirements on same niche. If anyone available for providing a sample on my website. It will be very helpful to me. Interested person contacts me. Thanks
  10. sageman

    "As seen on" plus major news outlet logos

    Based on my research, if your press release gets distributed to any of the major news outlets, you're legally permitted to place the "as seen on" phrase plus their logos on your website that the press release was about. You are, in fact, being truthful without specifying how it was presented on...
  11. AngoraSpace

    Cheap Press Release With High Quality?

    Dear All About weeks ago, I ordered press release (not from BHW members) for $60 and I got good article published on big website such ABC, FOX, NBC, and more hundreds news. I think the price is fair enough with the quality result I got. But I want to compare if there's a quality press release...
  12. AngoraSpace

    Medium PBN Rank Higher Than Big News Website

    Last week, I got backlink from several medium PBN with DA 20+. Few days later, I got backlink from several big news website with DA 50+. Today I googling some of my targeted keyword. And the result is backlink from medium PBN got higher result than big news website. Even Google Alert notify...
  13. AngoraSpace

    Multiple PBN Link In One Article

    If I have 3 PBN website, is it safe if I put them all in one article press release? I mean, there will be 3 different anchor keyword backlink in every article that published as hundreds press release?
  14. D

    Free press release website

    Hello guys Can you suggest few free reputed press release website with link backs??
  15. yourdady

    What company/ services these press release seller use?

    Does anybody here know, what press release companies these PR seller use, and what price they get? I am planning to get my press release done for my listing ( 15+ ) and still building. What would be the cheapest option?
  16. Frap

    What is exactly do Press Release services do? Any recommendations?

    Hey guys, I know that this may seem like a dumb question.. But what exactly do these Press Release services do? Like how do they work, what information do you need to give etc... Also, who offers a reputable/premium Press Release service? Any input would be appreciated!
  17. M

    Premium Press Releases.

    Hi to all , just came to say hi. Best regards.
  18. Sunil Thakur

    Need free press release websites for chinese content.

    Hello Guys. Please help me for this. Advance thanks
  19. Nachus74

    exact time for the publication of press realese backlinks

    I would like to know if there are any rules to be taken into account, to publish a press BL, that is, for example in a press release from a local newspaper. I have not found information just talking about this, the moment of implementation. And if I found it, it was very old Thanks in advance.
  20. Ideal_SEO

    Press Release

    is good or bad?