1. kelvisluis

    Presell Hide Link

    Hello friends, Does anyone know how do i hide the button link on the presell page?
  2. leftyson4

    Using Facebook Base Pixel on Presell Website AND Money Website??

    Is it best to put the base pixel on both my presell and money websites? They are both clean URL's (meaning they haven't been flagged on previous Fb accts) I have the conversion pixel on the thank-you page of the last website - and Fb is showing conversions - but I was wondering if perhaps I'm...
  3. phoenix9

    Any video script writer for clickbank product?

    I am looking for writer to write persuasive video script that preselling clickbank product. Need 400-500 words video script. Rate $1 for 100 words. Btw, I've already have script outline. The writer just have to fill the blank and arrange the flow. Any advice? And if you offer this kind...
  4. C

    Presell page for Clickbank

    Hello guys, I'm interested in what kind of presell pages you guys are using. Are you using landing pages from or ordering them? Do you have landing page with just big email submit form and then redirect them to vendor's page or you have squeeze review page like those: (those are...
  5. E

    Where to publish articles?

    hello all! I'm looking for list of blogs / services (presell pages) where I publish texts. Anyone of you have any list? ps. single urls to blogs/services too useful ;) thanks,
  6. V

    What is the best affiliate pre-sale page you have ever seen?

    Hi all, Just starting this thread to share the top affiliate pre-sale pages we have ever seen. This tread could become a list of the best designs and marketing angle that fellow affiliate marketer are using. Vincent
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