prepaid credit card

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    Need greendot prepaid, bigG checkout and offshore host

    Any ideas on how to set up an anonymous payment to an offshore hosting company? Do i use greendot prepaid visa and does the big G checkout accept that form of payment? I am in the US and can not use a credit card or paypal of my own because i am covering another business' costs for a few...
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    VCC source that accepted by CL ?

    Ive been searching for a good source for virtual credit cards to post in the CL adult section, but i havent had much luck. All the sources i've found make you run your money through 3-4 banks and then $100 ends up only being 20. Anyone have any advice? Thanks
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    Virtual Credit Card or VCC Available Here!

    (VCC) >> VIRTUAL CREDIT CARD Do's Add to your PayPal account and verify it [ BHW Price = 8USD ] Buy domains [ Price depends upon the custom credit balance required to pay at once ] Shop online [ Again price depends upon the credit balance you need in a VCC not exceeding 25USD ]...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello to one-n-all, its been nice to see another good forum to work on.. i've been on DP since quite a well and i sold services of VCC there.. since DP banned VCC related stuff.. i was kind of searching for another place to pick things again.. waiting to serve you all. regards...