premium rate numbers

  1. Costelus

    Does anyone knows how to set up Premium Rate numbers - "CLI suggestion"?

    Hey. I want to start using Premium Rate numbers and start sending people from my countty to call Premium Numbers that will fee them for their minutes in that call. Tha problem is that I have never used suck a system and the support do not offfer sucka knowledgebase and the old google is empty...
  2. I

    New to BHW

    Hi guys, I am new to this website and I have little to no experience in marketing and promotions, I have a small call center we provide adult chat line services on IPRN ( International Premium Rate Numbers ). I am here to get in touch with professionals like you and improve the call traffic...
  3. K

    Are you working with international premium rate numbers?

    Call INTERNATIONAL PREMIUM RATE NUMBERS + make money! Do you have access to CHEAP VOIP or SIM?s? I am offering some of the best deals at the moment on all International Premium Rate Numbers and can offer you the best level of service to go with it. Please contact me if you have the...