premium membership

  1. Jookar

    Why dont Premium Members have Colourful Batch Like Jr.VIP

    Hello @Diamond Damien I have an Concern That why Premium Member don't have Colourful Batch next to their Username. I mean you should give them Pink Colour Batch inside written Premium Member. The same way like Jr.VIP after all Premium Members also Pay the Same amount as Jr.VIP so don't you...
  2. PeterRKA

    Premium Membership payment

    I tried to register premium membership pay via paypal but it logged in paypal in my browser but didn't back in BHW premium membership payment section. I'm confused when they will cut my paypal balance after 7 days or 1st day of registration ?
  3. PeterRKA

    Can I get Premium Membership on 1st day sign up?

    I sign up in BHW on same day I try to register as a premium membership but when I tried to pay via paypal it just loged in my paypal account in browser but it didn't back in BHW, What happened I didn't understand. Have any limitation to register as premium membership?
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