1. SellerDigital1

    SiaCoin ? Any Predictions ?

    Hey Community I bought around 1500 SiaCoin (SC) since it was with 0.000 few cents Is it possible for like that coin reach 1$ or + ? :D Feel Free With Your Predictions , Maybe we will get the Jackpot :p

    What do you predict the price of Ethereum will be in 2019 ?

    I would like to know which are your predictions about the Eth value in the first of next year !:devil:
  3. E

    Rules of Thumb / Forecasting Traffic vs. Revenue

    I am looking for a resource that can give me some guidelines on web traffic generally turns into revenue for a generic legitimate website using adsense and other affiliate programs. I'm not sure if there are any studies, graphs, or rules of thumb out there that can predict what a well...
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