1. DuckingOutstanding

    Douchebaggery at an epic scale....

    So, I'll start out by saying I'm all for a good prank some people deserve it I do believe and not taking yourself too seriously in that regard - hence when I randomly spotted a prank fake that I hadn't heard of when I wasn't even looking for it I'm a server and decided to see what they had going...
  2. Aaric

    Funny Video

    youtube . com/watch?v=3VQfSpOmRSQ
  3. savax

    My Journey, Started from 0 to 3M Youtube Subscribers

    My channel is prank I made really crazy Unique prank video, I already Spent 2000$ fro Camera, Mic accessory .. hire a cameraman So finally evrything is ready: Im gonna to upload my video But I still dont know what name should I chose fro my Channel Because I believe Typically things that stick...
  4. Pro1

    Trolling my 5 year old daughter with demon sounds

    Yo whatsup guys i just made this video here of me pranking my 5 yo daughter with making demon sounds from hell, haha, i know its pretty funny, i do this crap all the time and she has gotten used to me pranking her hard haha comment subscribe and like if you can and let me know if its good =D...
  5. 500views

    hahah This prank went a bit too far..

    These 2 guys tried to play a prank on some guy with a lambo that cut them off. Little do they know... He doesn't mess around!!!
  6. XSilverClaw

    An email sent from my future self?

    Alright, something odd just recently happened, I got an email from myself which I did not send and it was in one of my sent mails folder? Here's the email I received: " Hello, Fared. Yes, it is I — that is — YOU, from the future. I have managed to get access to an information-sending...
  7. Seo-Devil

    Guy finds his house plumbed with Beer

    Plenty of mens are dreaming about it
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