1. H

    This is what i got no les no more

    Hi, Every one, I have a explain about my first post ok. What i did is: building 32 backlinks profile from big companies like amazon and adobe .... The result that i get is real, i moved from page 2 to position number 6 in google results, Tell what you want you will make no difference,Because i...
  2. Blackhat_Guru

    Get a pr7 comment FREE ! Can anyone who can read Korean explain how a link can be created here? **Please hit the thank you or Give reputation link below, to show your support**
  3. webm4ster

    Where to get High-Google-Trusted BackLinks

    Really guys, I am pretty hecked! :date: Yesterday I was drinking a beer with my competitor and he showed me the URLs from, etc. he BOUGHT recently. I though that such trusted sites do not sell non-relevant links but all these backlinks contained links to his...
  4. Piscola

    Recently adquired PR7 Site , backlink sale question

    Hi guys, i recently adquired ccTLD domain PR7 , 12 years old , educational type, i wanted to sell 10 high pr backlinks (limited amount, to make it more exclusive and relevant), at what price can i sell this or which service will pay the most out? Thanks
  5. DigitalCity

    [FREE] Easy PR7 Backlink Method in 5 Minutes or Less - Long Term Twist

    Here is a aimple and easy method for noobs and veterans alike to get some good free High ranking PR baclinks. First and most obvious you need to create a account: Once registered and email is confirmed etc. the proceed In URL box/field put your keywords with dashes between them...
  6. Aim100IM

    Z SEO - Posts on my Personal High Pr Network with up to PR-6 & PR-7 By

    REVIEWS: class="fancybox" title="" > FAQ: How many Keywords and URLs can i submit? Up to 6 URLs and 6 keywords but 1 post will have 1 link only. What is the turn around time? 7-14 days Sorry NO: Porn/Pharma/Casino accepted. Can I provide the articles? Nope we...
  7. TheGreyMatter

    Free PR7 Backlink - JP

    I too was just moving around the threads so that of sharing another PR7 backlink. Absolutely free, no catch. Also, I wont remove the link in the near future as its almost already spammed :P Here's the process: 1. Go to ( to track the clicks) 2. Just below the post...
  8. tejsin

    {Help} If I buy a PR6 site what will happen?

    I would like to buy a PR6, or PR7 site but I heard that when the domain changes owner then the PR drops. Is it true? If yes, what should I do to keep the PR? If I backorder the domain, will it cost anything to me or will I have the domain and its PR after I bought it? Please post...
  9. jmason616

    High PR ******** Blog Commenting 100% Approved

    PR4 - PR7 Do Follow Blog Commenting Service Every comment will be related to the topic of the blog page. Every comment will also be 100% approved If your link gets removed, I will do my best to replace it on another blog with same PR or higher PR. Turnaround Time = 1-2 days PR is the inner...
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