ppv dominator

  1. B

    PPV Hosting and Tracking

    I want to get into ppv, and curious if I got this right, maybe someone can help me. hosting - beyong hosting I read its the best ($60) Tracker - cpv lab ($300 one time) Started out with ad trackz gold, but I see now that might not work very well on ppv, its mostly used for email marketing. I...
  2. E

    Google Website Optimizer vs PPV Dominator

    Hey guys, has anyone used both the website optimizer and ppv dominator? My real question is can the website optimizer do the job of split tracking up to 6 cpv affiliate links like ppv dominator? Trying not to spend money on tools but on the actual campaign, give us a shout in the inbox or...
  3. sambadoria

    ### PPV ### Pay Per View ### Change Your Life in 2009 ###

    Hi guys... OK... I'm sharing something that CAN CHANGE your life in year 2009! (and beyond) I know I'm not a big BHW forum contributor... But let's just say that I know a thing or two about PPV (Pay Per View)... If you don't know what PPV is, then you're missing out BIG TIME! :23: Let me...
  4. Y

    ppv dominator - pay per view

    hey guys! I've been reading a little about ppv advertising or pay-per-view. Have you guys done any work with it? Does it convert? The guy flogging the product says it's extremely targeted, cheap clicks. He's got some product called PPV Dominator or Pay Per View Formula. I tried to go to...
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