1. Coreman

    FB giveaway post - many likes, no shares and comments

    Hey Guys, I was created giveaway where winner will get free label for supplement product. Method is PPE, and particitioant need to like page, tage 2 friends and share post. There are hundreds likes, but nobody didn't do correct thing to participate for giveaway. We tried with USA and low costr...
  2. ahmedEL

    How to test landing pages in fb ads ?

    Hi Can you please share with us your strategy to test articles/landing pages or products in facebook ads do you test 30 40 articles to find one or two winners ? how much interest do you test per adset one or two or multiples ? and how much ads ? Thank you
  3. Nowrid Ahsan

    Is this normal?

    I launched my first ever facebook ad. I'm running a PPE ad, till now I've had 1,900 impressions only 120 engagement and 4 clicks but made a sale. I'm kinda confused, is this normal?
  4. ahmedEL

    [Help] Facebook ads experts

    Hi Im trying to promote my blog posts using facebook ads but Im stuck at targeting because im working on viral content website and my articles are broad can't target a specific audience examples of my articles : 10 objects ...... 20 amazing uses of "something" .. Should I have target my...
  5. Mouton Roth

    Battle: PPE, Conversion, vs Impressions

    Hey Guys, i'm launching a Facebook campaign for a product video that can gain traction via attention, i.e. a trending product. I want to test out my target audience with three different optimizations: PPE, Impressions, and conversions (be it website views, ad to cart, purchase, etc). PPE ads...
  6. Aidens_luv

    PPE or WC FB Ads

    Hey You Guys, So I've revamped my store because i wasn't getting any sales and honestly I love my new one. But I've Hit a bump in the road. Currently I have two FB ads running a PPE and a WC! I don't know if i just can't word it to make the customers click or if my ads suck but im not getting...
  7. N

    Promoting AdultDateLink. Noob question

    I've been reading a lot of the threads on this site and have to say they've been really helpful and informative. A few days ago, i started promoting AdultDateLink and their sites. My techniques vary, from banners, links, ewhoring, and others.. I'm on that PPE plan, pay per email. I've got about...