ppc alternatives

  1. S

    PPC network for refurbished mobile selling

    I am looking for cheap PPC network can provide me people to buy my refurbished mobiles. if you know any please tell me?
  2. S

    adsense vs media.net which pays better ?

    hallo , i'd like to know which one pays better so i can set it up on my blog
  3. leftyson4

    Oohhhhhh Helllloooooooo...

    Hey guys I'm an internet marketer and supplement company owner who just joined due to the increasingly tough landscape that the supplement/health niche has over the years. I need bigger, better tools to fight with and more friends So, if you're a traffic genius (especially PPC) feel free to...
  4. ch8878

    foodieblogroll and gourmetads anything like them on other niches?

    I have a cooking / food / recipe blog that does pretty well using foodieblogroll and gourmetads. The foodieblogroll makes a little less then adsense on it, but the gourmetads blows the doors off adsense on it though. So I'm wondering if there is anything like them in like entertainment or some...
  5. B

    Struggling to make a profit

    My site receives 2 million visits a month, with all of my traffic coming from a free Internet Parental Control program I have written. I have tried several things to monetize this site but most ad sites don't approve of my traffic. I've tried about 50 PPC and Affiliates. I was doing well before...
  6. L

    PPC for publisher

    I am a publisher and I would like to know what are the best PPC program out there for me. There are so many PPC provider to choose from. But they some might not gonna give a good earning.
  7. maxken75

    which is the best adwords alternative to promote a product?

    I want to change adwords because is many expensive for me i thinked to use ask.com is good? some ideas? other best ppc programs? some good experience?
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