1. Lixs

    [PAA + AI] Automated PAA Journey to $20k

    Yet another People Also Ask journey. Here's the plan of attack: Scrape PAA at scale Generate answers using GPT-3 and potentially spinning answers (I will test this) Upload to wordpress sites and static sites (I will test this) What I've done far: Built a tool that will automate the entire...
  2. D

    Incentive PPC

    Hey guys! I'm writing here since I'm looking for a PPA network that is incentive traffic friendly. I have a network of people that want to take simple actions in order to earn rewards. Is there a PPA network for such type of traffic? Maybe Advertisement PPA that accepts incent traffic is...
  3. fastandreal

    Big affiliate wapclick platform (DCB 1click)

    New big Affiliate WapClick platform. You have a unique opportunity to monetize your mobile traffic with the highest conversion in the market. All payments are made from users' mobile phone balance. The clients can acquire any product they want at the click of a button. We will help you to...
  4. Stanley Martin

    Pay per click or pay per sign up for Career Blog

    Hello, I wanted to ask for suggestions and recommendations for pay per click and pay per sign up programs for my Career Blog website. What affiliate programs would work well?
  5. stanleyX

    Can anyone tell me how to earn from OGads

    Can anyone tell me how to make money from OGads?? pls can someone reply me??
  6. S

    Need help to monetize great domain

    Hi guys i have a great domain and i plan to go in the direction like PPI or PPA with mobile and app updates .. I already have landing pages, domain, hosting. What i now need is a good platform, where i have good rates on PPI/PPA and a way to get a lot traffic to my page like starting campagne ..
  7. olo555

    Russia PPA

    Hello, i have question. Do u know some Russia PPA networks?
  8. lisaaffmanager

    RxAffiliateProgram.net - Best Rx Affiliate Program in the Industry!

    Dear BHW Members, My name is Leo (Ignore username) and I'm the affiliate Manager at: RxAffiliateProgram.net Our program has very high converting stores and we have over 100 active & satisfied affiliates and counting. Here are some of our affiliate programs benefits: ** We Accept Black Hat...
  9. bangladejul

    Get paid for your website traffic !!

    I am looking for high traffic websites with more than 1 million unique users per month. How it works? You will install a script into your website which will record every click and you will be paid for each first click a user makes on your website. More details in private. NOTE! We accept...
  10. P

    Delete this, wrong section

  11. ivarga

    Paying for a simple point system WordPress

    My budget is 15$ I am a member of CPAGrip and I have surveys setup there and I would like to intergrate them into my WordPress website like so.. 1. Someone does a survey on my website http://MyWebsite.com/earn-points (the survey being from CPAGrip) 2. When survey is COMPLETED thats when they...
  12. ivarga

    Will this WordPress plugin work with CPAGrip?

    Simple question. Will this plugin work with CPAGrip as in.. Will I be able to use my surveys in that plugin to pay out points on completion? http://mycred.me/store/buycred-paymentwall/#install
  13. ivarga

    Anyone who is experienced in wordpress?

    I need help setting up a point / reward system, I want people to be able to get points when completing a survey, anyone who could help?
  14. Y

    CPA and CPS are needed

    Hello, everyone! I need help and your suggestion about affiliate program and will appreciated that! I have a small russian turism agency that offers unique products and services to foreign people that come to Moscow (our audience is male between 30-60 years old). So we are looking for a...
  15. A

    CPA Marketing/SEO

    I own a supplement company and our weakest point is driving traffic and sales to our web site. We do just fine on Amazon and in retail outlets. I have been in search for PPA Marketing/SEO. Our marketing budget is low but I am willing to give a percentage of our online sales if it meant growing...
  16. D

    The best SEO Package for my fake niche.

    Hi. I am new on the forum, but I earned a lot of money in the net to this time. I need your help. I am looking for SEO packages in the marketplace but did not find anything interesting well. My micro niche sites are about hacks, cheats and generators to games. Can you suggest some seo...
  17. jsnowbusiness

    My Big Affiliate PPD, PPA, & PPS Website Comparison Table

    So, I've been a lurker here at BHW for a few months.. (years..) I figured it's about time I contribute something potentially useful to everyone! ..Someone.. anyone?? :P Web-Research is a hobby, and at times a job, of mine... So fully researching all the options in a thorough and organized...
  18. P

    Help! Got Money Making Strategy but cant figure out the Tactics...

    Hi There! I have discovered an affiliate system that pays out consistently, not big money per sign up, but enough. The thing is...the above is my strategy but i need tactics! What should I do to get people to sign up, I know this is a basic fundamental of affiliate marketing but its...
  19. N

    PPC/PPA Diversity On My Site:

    Hey Peeps, I've got a site that went up 3 months ago and it is getting anywhere from 700 hits to 3k hits. I've got adsense links and banners setup in proper places. I just added a clickbank widget and will figure out how to insert specific clickbank links in my news articles. I want to fund...
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