1. ladyboyboom69

    The Green-Rush, anyone in CA getting into Recreational MJ?

    Disclaimer: Yes I know this is not a MJ forum, but wanted to ask for any online knowledge, reputable places to get information or possibly any fellow members that may be in the industry. Hey fellow BHW, Im scrounging up all my savings and $$$$ that Ive made from IM and "diversifying" my...
  2. Remorse

    If you are in Barcelona or Salou, I need your help :D

    So I'm traveling to spain in few days, I saw that weed is legal there, but someone has to refer you to join "social club" or something, but tourists are not that easily accepted etc etc., so what i have to do to buy government weed there? :D
  3. phobia2381

    Rehab for Pot Heads - Wtf

    username: JailPotUsersForLife I call bullshit and this guy is a troll. I would hope so and this person isn't really this ignorant. You know the website, look up the page and read some of the discussion there. A bunch of pissed off pot smokers leaving comments but some know he's trolling. Troll...
  4. E

    Wordpress Permalink Help ??

    Hi there. I have just finished launching a new site and was doing the finishing touches to it in wordpress. I needed to change the link names becuse they were set to default. I changed the permalink custom structure to '/%postname%/', the links now look much better but now some of my images...
  5. O

    Cannabis and Marijuana Site

    Hi guys and gals We have ended up with a website that is directly related to marijuana and cannabis that is on the front page of G for several high traffic keyword terms, totalling near on 1,000,000 estimated searches a month. Looking at the analytics info, we can see the traffic growing week...
  6. W

    Really HIGH and saying hello

    Well, that should get some positive attention. My name is Woodstuck - I have a number of websites... I used to do SEO for over 10 years and I am still learning. If you visit this site and have suggestions, I am always open to listening. I hope to learn a lot here and make friends and...
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