posting to cl

  1. S

    CL Poster needed

    I am looking for a CL poster that can do a minimum of 100 ads per day all in the Jobs-office/admin section. These ads will be placed across 50 cl cities. We will provide ad copy. Please do not send me your rates unless you can do the above volume per day and please do not send rates if you...
  2. redpill

    CL Posters - Has craigslist become too hard to post to?

    Are there any scripts out there that actually work? For instance if I had an apartment add I wanted to post to CL nationally is that possible? Are there any techniques, scripts, services that deal w/ this effectively? Thanks.
  3. O

    Need a Craigslist Poster...not a Craigslist Poseur

    I'm looking for an experienced Craigslist poster. 100 text ads/day in Jobs. I supply the ads. You should have your own accounts and know how to get around the nasty CL filters - meaning ads should stick for a few hours and ghosted posts get reposted. Should be able to verify the posts as...
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