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  1. healzer

    Forum Dominator: Authority Forum Posting Service

  2. N

    Need help to post Kijiji ads in QC, several ads a week for several months

    need someone who can place ads on kijiji. similar ads (few variation) for 3 - 4 differents towns but same phone number. can give different text and pics for each ads. 4 ads per week total. to replace every week. (1 city is twice a week). must give me link to ads, must stay up (not deleted by...
  3. A

    Poster/ Advertiser needed

    Looking for someone who can do a variety of postings and advertise a service. If you have experience in this field feel free to send me a pm indicating what type of postings you can do. Need this for mainly USA and also open to hear for other countries like Canada, UK, EU and a few other...
  4. E

    Make a Craigslist Poster Section

    I think this site in the past had it, I don't see it anymore.. But you should definitely make a subcategory under Craigslist (or at least under Services for Hire) so Craigslist Posters can post their services. A specific spot where all these threads can be found together of current...
  5. W

    100 ads per week

    Hi I am looking for someone to post 100 ads per week and possibly move to 200. The ads are to be posted in canada, they are images ads and I would like them posted in the services section I can supply the html I need a weekly price ? and if you will charge if the ads get ghosted...
  6. R

    Looking for a Forum Poster

    I am looking to hire a forum poster who can post quality content on an NFL (National Football League; American) forum. Want someone to create multiple accounts and be able to post everyday. I have no problem paying $0.10/post, Thanks.
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