post count

  1. leadingsmm

    Boosted likes?

    I get 1 or 2 likes at most on my threads, replies other stuffs! I feel like if I am MOD! and I write SAME THING! SAME STUFFS! I GET minimum 5 likeso_Oo_O Is that true? I didn't see one mod who got less than 5 likes.. (on one post, forget thread minimum 10 likes :p)
  2. Runitt

    Where to find post count on BHW profile?

    Hello all, As you can see I am not a seasoned forum goer. Where do I find how many posts I have on my account that I have done? I ask because I would like to make it to Jr. VIP at some point. Thanks to anyone that can help me with this. Thanks!
  3. Noah Hawryshko

    Non-Toxic Ways to Bring up My Post Count?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and want to work my way up to 100 posts to be eligible for Jr. VIP. What are some non-toxic, beneficial ways to help out the community and increase my post count at the same time? Some things that I've thought of so far are: 1. Writing guides. 2. Answering questions...
  4. Zwielicht

    New Members: Post Count Doesn't Matter As Much As You Think It Does

    I've looked around the forum and I've noticed that there aren't any threads that directly deal with this issue, so I've decided to create one myself. Many new members are often in a rush to increase their post count for various reasons (which I will get to in a moment). However, did you know...
  5. C

    Forum post count not working?

    I recently noticed my post count is stuck at 16, even if I make a new post it still says 16 posts next to my username. But when I check my profile's post activity and actually count them, I have 41 posts [This new thread would make 42]. I'm guessing after I submit this post it will still say 16...
  6. S

    ideal post length

    Someone good at blogging suggest an ideal post for length
  7. shezboy

    Thread count not increasing

    I've noticed that regardless of how many posts I make that my post count does not seem to increase. It's been stuck at 39 for ages. Any ideas as to why? :confused:
  8. N

    Not so new but question about my post count.

    My post count is not changing from 18 even though I made about 30 posts. Is there a reason for this?
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