1. F

    Porn Tube SEO e Link Building

    Hi everyone I'm a newcomer to the forum, although I've actually been reading and inquiring here for a few months. I created an adult website (generic PornTube) just over a year ago, not coming from this industry but doing anything else in life, this year I spent most of it studying, reading and...
  2. Highr0ll34

    Adult Tube Website 2020 - What's Next?

    Old journey thread has been closed due to me breaking BHW rules relating to posting links to my blog posts, which is fair play as I did it. The 2020 edition of the porn tube hustle will now continue here. I hope everyone doing well, lets jump straight into it. Since my last post I had been...
  3. ChrisMonkey

    Porn Marketing Specialist

    I am seeking a digital marketing expert that specializes in porn and fully understands and has experience with using Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and porntubes. Both White Hat and Black Hat. This can become a long term or even full time project, but will begin with a few tests or individual...
  4. Gerard2003

    Lets begin the journey

    Hello everyone, I begin this thread with the idea of documenting the progress in this project that has just begun. I have worked in the programming field for a long time, and although I have created some websites in the past, my experience has been more oriented to the management of data...
  5. A

    HubTraffic or Xhamster?

    Whats happening, forum? So which are better to have my website to be affiliated with? I have heard black reviewes about Hubtraffic. That they don't count all the visitors. They don't pay.. What do You think of this?
  6. J

    what are some other ways to make money with porn/adult traffic besides hub traffic and plugrush?

    Hello i started a few porn sites i know porn is saturated and i wont make money overnight. But my question is with most people searching for free porn and not singing up for your free offers on your page or they have a ad blocker. What is the best ad network to make money by sending them your...
  7. daimaku

    anyone tried pornhub affiliate streams?

    hello i was searching on the web and i found that pornhub has an openload like mode, to eran money streaming it's movies on others website. anyone here have tried to make a porntube website with this mode? it's worh the work or is better the old school porn reuploading method?
  8. M

    Making money with a poen tube site

    Hi, as a newbi i have some questions. Its quite a long time ago, i found a script for WordPress which include a lot of videos in your site. I remember, that the videos the user can watch are limited to 2 or 5 minutes. After that the user must go to the original site. I cant remember if i am...
  9. soothsayerpg

    Please upload at least one video thumb! AVS

    As the title says. Has anybody encounter this when trying (Tried many times to no success) to embed from other porn site using adult video script (AVS3.1)?
  10. K

    Watermarked Porntube Upload

    I'm searchin for someone who will upload 500 watermarked Videos to at least 20 Porn sites. Please PM me.
  11. 5

    How to rank videos inside porn tube sites?

    Hello fella black-hatters! Recently I was presented with an opportunity to get some dough going by ranking, well, porn. I know there are some people that are very experienced at ranking the whole tube ITSELF, but that's not what I'm talking about. I want to rank a video within any given tube...
  12. X

    eCPM - Huge difference

    Hello, I'm new to BHW and to aldult websites/affiliate. I created a porn tube site and started using exoclick to monetize it. Exoclick: My question is, why does the eCPM changed from 0,026€ one day to 0,76€ the next day? This happened twice already, in random days apparently. My visitors...
  13. pxoxrxn

    Comment of porn tubes with scrapebox?

    Hi everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to mass comment on porn tubes such as xnxx and pornhub with scrapebox? If so, how would I be able to do it?