pornhub accounts

  1. T

    Pornhub making money 2022

    Hello to all, Some people have a verified pornhub account with their own identity? I guess downloading videos that are not from us does not work on pornhub . if we have a male model account can we download women's videos or does pornhub check by hand the video problems we upload? Thanks to you
  2. 1

    I saw Pornhub porn reupload still works

    I see that some people are still using Pornhub to upload works that do not belong to him, but he does not embed the video content on the website, just upload,Play volume reached 100K in just four or five days!!!This seems to give me hope This means Ph porn reupload Still working. However, I...
  3. A

    Pornhub views and promote

    Hello everyone! I live in Estonia and my English is far from perfect. I am promoting pornhub channels and my own channels. I'm looking for the same guys who work with pornhub. we will be able to share our experience, best practices, traffic and paying clients :) This month I have already...
  4. A

    I got Scammed On Pornhub

    Hello guys someone scammed me on pornhub. Before 3 days someone sends me a message on pornhub saying do you want a tip? I said sure. He send me 100$ Tip. He asked me if i wanted more. I said sure. He said that if he send me 100 $ tip he wanted me to send 40$ back. I said ok. He sends another 100...
  5. libertine x

    Need more views and subscribers on pornhub - please help !

    Hi guys and gals I have my own profile on pornhub verified in amateur model program im getting about 1k views a day with an average payout of $1 per 1k views. I don't have the marketing skills to really grow the traffic to my profile I know I am competing against all of the other content...
  6. S

    Looking to buy Pornhub accounts in bulk

    Hello BHW members. I am looking to buy fresh Pornhub accounts in bulk, created with emails from trusted email providers(gmail, outlook, proton, yahoo or similar). I don't need accounts created with temporary email services. If anyone can provide this service, please leave your offer in reply.
  7. H

    Making money on Pornhub with Amateur Money Programme

    hi all, newbie here. I’ve been looking through journeys and other threads that talked about how profitable it can be to become an amateur model on Pornhub. My question tho is this: is it possible to make good money (and by “good” I mean 300-500$ a day) if you have a model that will always wear...
  8. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Desperate Pervs

    Which one of you jokers is telling noobs they can get pornHub accounts off me? That noob spammed 15 posts and left disappointed lol
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