1. Julian Brockmann

    How could I avoid social repercussions due to writing about sensitive topics, while still making money with it using affiliate and ad money?

    Sometimes when I write in message boards, I notice how great what I write is for seo. Most topics I write about are polarizing and I am afraid of social repercussions if I wrote it on my personal blog. I would love to get the visitors, so I can put ads on it and other marketing measures to make...
  2. The MOOK

    World's First Trillionaire

    I read somewhere that by the year 2050 the world will have seen its first trillionaire. Their net worth being almost twice the US annual defence budget, some think that this "person" would be considered an international threat. Hypothetically thinking how much power and influence do you think...
  3. Renfield-Files

    Do you still use Scrapebox for link building?

    I do. But it's only working fine and tuned for adult sites like escort sites, cam sites, tube sites and porn blogs. For other niches Im having ZERO + ZERO. Am I missing something? My proxies are great and Im well versed on Scrapebox (no footprints AT ALL), but what's going on? I have two...