1. Hints404

    Engagement Pods for Instagram - newbie questions

    Hi blackhatters! I have a few questions concerning instagrpods, specifically about starting one. What bot do you use to manage pods? What is the most important feature needed to run a successfull pod? What is Dx5, Dx4 etc? Is niching a good idea? Or is it better to allow for general likes...
  2. belgianguy

    Is there a way to automate IG engagement groups?

    I've been looking at engagement groups to increase ... well, my engagement. I noticed that it includes regular posting of your links into telegram, exporting a list of profiles, liking posts, ... lots of manual work. Is there a way to automate this? I have followliker and followplanner...
  3. matikman

    Engagement pods by location, does it exist ?

    I am really looking for engagement group or pods, by location... Any help !!!
  4. M

    Best fitness/s&c/sports pods on instagram $

    Hi everyone, I'm searching for good engagement groups on instagram. So if any of you have good Pods to recommend in fitness, bodybuilding, sports in general, he can share them here ! Thank you !
  5. Uzii

    How Do You Recommend I Sell Access To Engagement Groups?

    So I have a pretty viral niche account where pretty much everyone past 10k or so is in an engagement group. I'm in a bunch of groups so I'm looking to start selling invites, could anyone advise me on how I could advertise these? Are there special sites/groupchats for this? I don't really want...