1. MR.Spuf

    What good for personal development / financial / productive work podcasts you listen on Spotify

    I'll start first: 1. Relaxing White Noise for deep work and concentration 2. free audiobooks to kill some time when driving 3. Persistence - Life, Gym, Sport daily for motivational dose for success - for gym motivation or jog 4. Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu 5. The Tim Ferris Show 6. Huberman...
  2. tattooedbuddha

    New Podcast episode of Search Off The Record discusses why your site might not be getting indexed

    Link to the podcast episode: https://search-off-the-record.libsyn.com/why-is-my-site-not-indexed Maybe it can give some insight to beginners in SEO. TL;DL If your website's pages are not being indexed by Google, it may indicate technical problems or issues with the site. For new sites...
  3. plvgga

    Interesting persons and podcasts (check description)

    Hi! Can you reccomend interesting podcasts or people in podcasts on economy, psychology, motivation etc? Im not from english-speaking country and badly know worldwide youtube, so its will be better if you guys will suggest options Also maybe you will find new exciting persons from another people...
  4. nemanja171

    Podcast Automation?

    I came across this video about "Podcast automation". TL;DR: The video discusses the concept of YouTube automation and proposes starting an automated podcast as an alternative. The speaker shares their success story of starting an automated podcast that has gained millions of downloads and...
  5. WebGeeksly

    [GUIDE] Free 1 minute method to generate unlimited high-quality unique content

    As you might know OpenAI released it's ChatGPT tool. I've been playing with it and came up with some unique twists (see my other topics). Now aside from text-generation, AI can do a lot more. One of the things working well is automated transcripts from podcasts. And this audio is unique, often...
  6. PushKing

    Starting a Podcast - Things You Should Know

    This is actually a question topic - I am thinking of starting a podcast that I plan to monetize. Main questions that I am thinking about: What is the right way to start? Should I register on all the possible platforms? Is it normal to have podcast accounts or should you stick with one...
  7. Freedom$

    Podcasting Platform

    Hi everyone, Please Apart from Spreaker, Anchor and Sounder, which other podcasting platform can I host and monetize my Podcast
  8. W

    Monetize podcast with 250K downloads/month

    I produce a podcast that averages 250,000 downloads a month. I monetize it currently with premium access (Patreon) but it's only a fraction of the total listenership that have signed up. I was previously monetizing the podcast through a former hosting platform with dynamically inserted ads from...
  9. RandomPhantom

    Any good podcasts about SEO, Internet marketing and such?

    I've listened to some podcasts but a lot of them are carp. They talk about how to install Wordpress and plugins and such "low level" stuff. Could you guys recommend any good that that's worth listening to?
  10. thesyndicate

    Help bring Spotify monition to the rest of the world for podcast fill in your country!

    Help bring Spotify monition to the rest of the world for podcast. At the current its only avalable in the USA. If you doing a podcast ask Spotify to bring it to the rest of the world! http://anch.co/monetizationrequest
  11. D

    Podcast Marketer needed to take my show to the next level

    I host a somewhat popular show for real estate agents (there are 1.6m agents in the U.S.) but would love to hire someone to increase visibility and subscriptions/downloads. My show is on most "top podcasts for real estate agents" lists, so we get a bunch of decent press. But we're lacking in...
  12. Josh Saga

    Any Good Podcasts for Digital Marketing? (SEO, Design, Sales, Writing, etc)?

    Hello Dears, Currently listening to TheFutur Podcast - although this is more on Design, Business of Design, and Closing Sales in Design Any other recommendations for Podcasts for SEO, Content, or anything related to IM? Podcasts really help to funnel the noise or just add to productivity when...
  13. AntiCCC

    Hello BHW! Looking forward to this journey!

    HEY BHW!!!! My friends and I are starting a podcast called Anti Conspiracy Conspiracy Club where we go over conspiracies and either elaborate or debunk them. Came on here to learn more about marketing and how to get more listeners. We all have a background in digital marketing. Things like...
  14. TomV

    How to promote PODCASTS?

    Hey BHW, I was wondering, that not too many people in my country are making good podcast, but many people are listening to podcasts. I would like to create or promote podcasts of my future clients of mine... How? What are the best ways to get real listeners? What are my ideas? 1...
  15. TomV

    Best podcast?

    Hey guys, I a biiiig podcast listener. Do you listen to the podcast? Recommend me some marketing related pls.
  16. B

    Questions before my new journey

    I would like to start a new journey in the podcasts world, but before: How could I rank my podcast website? Could I post a summary of my audio content? Is there a problem if a blog post talk about different arguments in the same niche? Thanks for your time
  17. A

    Buying Apple Podcast Listens + Reviews (HUGE OPPORTUNITY)

    Hi there, I'm looking to buy Apple Podcast installs, listens, and reviews. Willing to pay EXTREMELY well. If you can help me with this, please send me a PM. Thank you.
  18. Icey Dan

    Podcast Advertising WORKS!

    What's up BHW! Today I want to talk about Podcasts and how they can be used as a highly effective advertising channel. I will also talk about why Podcast marketing works so well plus provide some tips & advice for those who may be interested in trying this out. I have been listening to a wide...
  19. Brian Tustin

    I want to boost my podcast downloads safely

    Can Anyone help me with Podcast DLs? Willing to pay for a safe system! I just posted about this but am unable to reply as I am a new member. Will you reply to me directly with contact info or direct message me?
  20. B

    Podcast site profits

    Other than ad how would you all monetize a podcast sites similar to podchaser? I was initially thinking it would be a good idea to charge podcasters for premium feature but sites like this seems to offer everything for free.
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