1. rmfan

    Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin?

    I am looking for the best Amazon affiliate plugin that achieves the following: Automatically fetch product data from Amazon API(image, title, price...): Some Plugins like AAWP does this Present the product in a layout like this: I understand some plugins like AffiliateX do this but you have to...
  2. ZeroDefects

    Is there a WP plugin that lets you stream an Instagram account to you site footer?

    As the title says. I have a client that wants their website to have their instgram feed/stream in their footer and update as the add content to instagram. Thanks!
  3. C

    What kind of plugin does my competitor use? IMG provided

    Hey guys. I'm currently trying to figure out what kind of WordPress tables my fellow competitor uses. Any suggestions? I've removed both the product description and images. Regards Candera
  4. Iamtheman

    Looking for a Coder for create a plugin

    Hi I need to create a plugin for wordpress website.So, i am looking for a coder for that.Please post here on PM your contact details. Thanks
  5. Iamtheman

    I want to hire a Wordpress Designer/Expert

    Hi I want to hire a Wordpress Designer/ Expert. I don't need any company. I need a Person, who able to start work instantly. I will discuss about project on Skype. Freelancer must Have good reputation on BHW.PM me your Skype
  6. J

    Seeking WP Traffic Analytics Plugin

    I'm looking for a good plugin to track visitors on my site. Something that does not use Google Analytics. Any suggestions?
  7. fullyniche

    Top 25 Essential Plugins for Wordpress Blogging Platform. What's your favorite?

    1. Responsive Full Background (Add responsive full background to your website easily.) 2. Fast Shorten (Fast URL shortener using Google API) - 3. All-in-one Internet Search -...
  8. Clifton Allen Says

    (Update) MAY 2014 ~ Essential WP Plugins for WordPress 3.9

    This is a short-list of plugins for WP 3.9 which I am considering to use. Please indicate which you prefer and if you have any other additions or must haves, please include in your post. Which have you found to be resource hogs? Have you had any experience of conflicting plugins? etc...etc...
  9. SEO_Alchemy

    BHW Bredren Help me with a Contact Form Sript plug-in

    Hoping someone here can help me find a solution to a design problem I'm facing. My clients' are having me put together a limousine website. Just basic contact info, pricing etc. They want to have a contact form appear when someone presses a "make reservation" button. The contact form isn't an...
  10. Malofie

    Key Captcha - Free Plugin

    Hi BHW, Thought i'd share this nifty little captcha plugin I came across. Once installed, visitors to your site must complete a simple jigsaw like puzzle before they can comment on your blog/forum. I have a whitehat site which gets an "okay" amount of traffic from the search engines, but...
  11. GlobalP

    FREE WordPress Plugins

    Thought I would share a list of free WordPress plugins I have come to use on a regular basis. Plugins you can get ALL FOR FREE and use! Platinum-seo-pack wordpress*org/extend/plugins/platinum-seo-pack/ Google Sitemap Generator wordpress*org/extend/plugins/simple-google-sitemap-xml/...
  12. R

    Clickcentive Beta - backlinking program

    I just got into a the Clickcentive Beta. It's cool for what I can tell. Just like those other backlinking program sites. Only works in wordpress right now. Worth checking out. Just search Clickcentive in you Google or Bing or whatever your search engine of choice is.
  13. L

    Plug-ins for Optimized Your Wordpress

    This is My Complete Collection of Wordpress Plug-ins Wordpress Media Flickr You can post with flickr photo, on visual editor toolbar. It's very interactive interface than other plugins...
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