1. ebenezer1997

    Playinator V6 Professional Edition [needs to be CRACKED]

    Hey Guys, Can Anybody Crack This Software : Thank You Page : Direct Download : VirusTotal ...
  2. R

    Any RELIABLE Youtube views increasers services, bots.. ?!!

    - Hiii ! :D I have ran through all the threads I could about Youtube views increaser services, bots, etc.. I saw that Jumpstart works for some, doesn?t work or buggy for others. I know Playinator get its views via Jumpstart so I don?t know any good and reliable Youtube views...
  3. T

    Ultimate Battle: Playinator vs Jumpstart vs TP

    As some of you have already figured out, Playinator, Jumpstart and Tube Promoter are 3 YouTube views systems that are powered by 1 same system, but ran by 3 different people. So I decided to make this informative chart for you guys so you can decide better which one to use. I will only limit...
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