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  1. Bloodseeker

    ⭐️ Compared Quetext, Grammarly, and WriterZen for Plagiarism ⭐️

    I compared Quetext, Grammarly, and WriterZen for a plagiarism test and Quetext was the most accurate, then WriterZen came second with decent results. Grammarly was the worst. Is there any LTD for plagiarism checking that delivers better results than WriterZen?
  2. shindou90

    Are there any drawbacks to copying another blog's design?

    Hello there gents, I'm relatively new to IM and my background is in web development. The issue that I'm facing currently is that developing the back-end of a website is what I specialize in and my design skills (front-end) are terrible. I know that I can work on that but I was thinking that...
  3. A

    Plagiarism check other language than English

    Hi folks, everything is in title : I have some free tools that check plagiarism, but I'm not sure if they are efficient in other languages than English. I will be pleased if you have some recommendations. Thanks.
  4. becks14

    What's the max Grammarly plagiarism % you can accept

    Just checked my ordered writings at Grammarly and found that some showed ~6% similarity against other articles online. Should it be a concern? What's the max similarity % you can accept?
  5. Danki

    Copy an article without plagiarism !!

    Hi guys each time I write an article for my website, I'm using the Dupli Checker tool, to see if my article will be 100% unique 0% plagiarism. Recently, I have written an article copied from a paper book. and when I used the Dupli Checker tool, I see that the result is 100 % unique 0%...
  6. V

    What Are The Most Reliable Plagiarism Checking Tools?

    I've been using numerous tools to check plagiarism of content, and almost always the scores differ from one another, while remaining within the same range, but recently I came across this Russian site -, which shows a score completely different from the others. At first, I thought...
  7. Chris.Roark

    Suggest a Good Plagiarism Check Tool Against Duplicate Content

    Hi guys, Do you use any plagiarism check tool for outsourced content? If so, which one?