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  1. D

    Pinterest Help

    I am a travel blogger and at one point got over one million impressions on Pinterest, but the max views I get a day are only 80. I heard from other travel bloggers that they got from 10k to 30k views a month and can you help me or if you offer a Pinterest service I would like to know more how...
  2. D

    I Need a pinterest.VA

    Hi I am currently looking for a Pinterest Virtual Assistant to run it and get me traffic to my travel blog.
  3. M

    Starting Out On Pinterest - What Would Your First Steps Be?

    Hey guys, I have decided to diversify from my normal niche and attempt an Adsense site on Pinterest. The goal is to make small residual money, nothing major(couple bucks daily at most), but enough to passively run FB ads in other projects. Pinterest is definitely different, and its taking me a...
  4. D

    looking for a pinterest virtual assistant

    I am looking for a Pinterest virtual assistant that knows how to design grabbing pins and about Pinterest Keywords, so I can get traffic to my travel blog posts. Write down your rates and service you offer and I will message you back with more details and if I am interested.
  5. ReliableSEOGuy

    [Pinterest] What's my ducking problem?

    I wanted to start with Pinterest. First try: Used accounts made with Russian proxies bought from because they are cheap and I wanted to try things out. Bought IPv4 Russian proxies from Used Jarvee to browse and log into the account manually. Logged in, changed profile...
  6. jpy295

    Pinterest Question!!!!

    Hey Guys, Just a quick question, i have 100 pint. accounts and 100 private proxies. do you think my accounts will get banned if i have all 100 accounts have the same board names? Or does it not really matter? Thanks, Joe
  7. J

    Pinterest account appeal

    I made an appeal after my Pinterest account was suspended. As the picture shows, it is the only reply of Pinterest Help. It without any news with 24 hours passed. I feel very worry about it! What can I do? Do you have good ideas? Please help me. Thank you very much!
  8. PChanger

    How Can I Join Lots of Pinterest Community Boards about Recipies? [Help Me Please]

    Hey guys, So i was reading about how to make money on Pinterest and all I have left to do is figure out how to find some high-traffic recipe-related Pinterest community boards. I'm very new to Pinterest and have no idea how to find them/join them. I'm sure it is easy to do, I just can't find...