pinterest group boards exchange

  1. PKB88

    Pinterest group boards exchange

    HI All, I want to exchange Pinterest group boards.I have 100+ groups boards on Pinterest.Different niches-Health,fashion,home decor etc .If anyone interested in group board exchange please contact me I am looking for group boards invites mainly from niches like...
  2. P

    Pinterest Group Board Exchange (Limited Time)

    Hello Pinterest Marketers, I have 50+ Group Boards In Health and Fitness Niche And 50+ GB in Make Money Niche. Anyone interested for Exchange DM Me. Let's Make Money Together Thanks
  3. Jdeere

    I Bought Access to Group Boards - Here you go

    I bought access to about 20 group boards on Fiverr, all health related, high amount of followers and decent amount of people in each. If you have any group boards you want to exchange with me, let me know!
  4. PKB88

    Pinterest Group Board Exchange

    Hi, I have around 80-100 group boards.Anyone interested in invitation exchange?. My boards are in different niches but majority are in health/fitness niche Please PM me if you are interested in board exchange Thank you
  5. PKB88

    Pinterest Board Exchange

    I have a number of pinterest group board in different niches.If anyone interested in board exchange please contact me.
  6. Kohuke

    Pinterest Board Exchange - Fashion Niche

    Hi guys, I'm looking to exchange boards in the Fashion niche, more specifically womens fashion and ideally street style boards, not products. I'm part of several group boards that have 20-45k+ followers, as well as some that range from 3k-10k followers. If you would like to exchange boards with...
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