pinterest bot

  1. IronBots

    How to avoid Banned on Pinterest

    I created a bot for posting Amazon products with images and affiliate links. However, my accounts are getting banned despite my bot only posting every 30-35 minutes. What can I do to prevent this?
  2. devinda

    Looking for Pinterest Bot please Suggestions

    Any good , working Pinterest bot Would love your suggestions.
  3. G

    i'm building a pinterest auto bot

    hello friends, I provide traffic on pinterest for affiliate marketing and I have automated it, I share 500-1000 pins a day i get a lot of clicks and sales on products such as weight loss on networks such as clickbank digistore24, I get good traffic with this bot, but it doesn't come more than...
  4. blue_lime

    Bulk create and schedule Pins from csv or excel

    As I wrote in title. Can you reffer me solution for create and schedule pins in bulk from csv, please? I found only NinjaPinner which allow csv upload. Is there another thing which do you use for that? Thank you.
  5. N

    Need SPOTIFY bot: Account creator & Streaming [Developer needed]

    Hy looking for serious developer for spotify account creator & streaming bot. I need a serious guy who can make this work. I will also need instagram bot, pinterest bot in future. So serious guy please knock me. Thanks [[skp:soundcloud.warrior]]
  6. FunkyBlues

    Any good tutorial on Follow Liker for Pinterest?

    This tool is the least intuitive I've ever seen. Jarvee is great, but it's going to be too expensive with what I need. I've found a lot of Follow Liker tuts for IG, but nothing for Pinterest. If anyone can point me to one that would be great. Thanks.
  7. Navyoscar45

    Ninjapinner vs tailwind

    Ninjapinner vs tailwind which will you prefer in terms of pinterest automation .if you have another better software in mind please let me know too
  8. vedeus

    Pitnerest/IG/Twitter Automation for free without limitations?

    Hello there, does anyone know any Pinterest/IG/Twitter Automation tool for free? I was searching for some but there was always free trial, or free with limitations.. It would be great if you can share something with me :) Thanks!
  9. Netro

    Klype - The next gen automation software [Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter]

    Dominate the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest marketing. Get Klype now! Refund Policy: (This policy is subject to change upon feedback and service growth) As for now all sales are final and there won't be refunds once Klype has been activated. You will be subjected for a refund only...
  10. kosik

    Pinterest bot POLL

    Hey I make a pinterest bot for myself and I think about sell this bot in monthly payment. So there is a question for you. Would you pay 19$/month for just pinterest bot with no limit account? All bots like jarvee or others have featured for more social media, but have accout limit and you need...
  11. vaidavytas

    Which is the best Pinterest bot at the moment?

    Do all of You guys use Jarvee, or there's something better?
  12. M

    whats the best pinterest bot ?

    im looking for the best pinterest bot i want to run it on the safest scale possible for the long run whats your advice ?
  13. La4Vor Gram

    Making Pinterest bot

    [TAKE NOTE IT IS NOT HIRING OR SELLING THREAD] Hi, I need someone who is expert in Pinterest growing. I want make bot for growing, I know something but not enough. Thanks
  14. F

    Printing Money On Pinterest, Journey to 100 $ a day

    Last two weeks I was testing Pinterest and now I think I have finally everything that I need. I did a lot of testing, but my proxies were bad. So other than posting limits I do not have figured out. But I finally got grasp of all settings I need. In my last journey in which I have no idea about...
  15. elias880810

    Review of ninjapinner, pinblaster or ninjapinner? what is the best?

    hello guys I'm trying to choose the best bot for pinterest. tailwind pinblaster and Ninjapinner I already know the first 2 but I would like to know if someone has tried, ninjapinner and if they have served they can write a review or give some tips thanks
  16. raregem009

    Board Booster Shutting Down! Pinterest Crack down?

    Hello Hatters I have a trial account with board booster and log in there once in a while to check it out. Logged in just now and saw they are shutting down. Is pinterest cracking down on unofficial schedulers? From the message, they tried to obtain a patner status like tailwind and got denied...
  17. D

    What are the best free Pinterest bots?

    I need a free pinterest bot. What are the best free pinterest bots?
  18. d_Storm

    Best Way To Pin 20+ Pins From One Board To Others

    Hey, guys! I am desperately looking for an automation tool that would help me pin 20+ pins from a single board to several others. I am using a lot of accounts, so Tailwind or others similar to it are not gonna help since they only allow pinning from one (or 5) account(s) depending on the...
  19. Imran Toshar

    Pinterest Bot

    How to get Pinterest auto pin bot? Is it possible or not? please answer details.
  20. loads16017

    What is the best Pinterest Bot?

    Im looking for a pinterest Bot which can scrape users who is active in last 30 days. any suggestions please. Thanks
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